How to Kill Termites

The nightmare of any homeowner or building structure managers is the termite. They are tiny insects that can cause expensive damages to your structure. To add insult to injury, it is hard to detect if your structure is infested by termites. It would be wise for everyone to equip oneself with the information about termites, how to kill termites and how to make sure your home will be free from termites. As a homeowner you have a choice on how to kill termites. You can either do it on your own or ask the help of the termite control Adelaide experts.


Termite Inspection

Termites are indeed among the destructive pests as they are capable of causing some wide-ranging damage before any one in your family could notice them.

But before putting yourself in a panic mode about termites, it is best that you first conduct a thorough inspection of your structure and environment to make sure that there are really termites. The prevalent evidence that your house might be termite infested is that there are visible holes in the wood around your structure. When you knock on your wood foundation and it sounds hollow, then there might be colonies of termite that might be living there.

The termite inspection can be done by you if you are confident enough and know how to look for the possible termite damages. If you want a more professional inspection then you can hire the Best Pest Control Adelaide company that can do it for you. Either way, this will be the first step you can do to make sure that you have termite infestation in your structure.

After concluding that you have termites, the next thing to do is to identify the kind of termite that inhabits your structure. Why do you have to do this? Treatments for termites differ. It is best that you know the type of termite so that the treatment used would be effective.

Different Termite Treatments

Now that you have identified the termites, then you can plan on what treatments you can use to kill the termites. You can consult the pest control on what is the most effective way to kill termites. Since there are many ways on how to kill termites, it is best that you proceed with caution if you are going to do it yourself. The materials you will use may contain poisonous substances that can be lethal to your health.

If you decide to hire a professional pest control company then it is wise to discuss or plan on what will happen to your structure for the termite treatments and what is expected of you just in case you will need to transfer to another place if the termite infestation is quite big.

The well-known termite treatment is fumigation. It is tested to show good result in killing termites and without any fuss on the owner’s part. This kind of treatment is done by expert pest control exterminators. It may cost more than other termite treatments but it can assure that you will have a termite free home.  Almost all pest control companies do this kind of termite treatment.

Another option for the termite treatments is baiting. This is a new method to kill termites. Many people respond favorably to this kind of treatment because it uses fewer amounts of chemicals. Unlike fumigation that can cover a large area, baiting is done in specific areas where the termites are more prevalent. The target is very specific and focused. They make sure that the poison would directly hit the termites. The advantage of this is that it decreases the contamination of other areas specially the natural environment. It is also safer for human and pets because it is hidden and out of reach.

If the termite infestation is quite small, then there are do-it-yourself options for the homeowners. There is the liquid termite treatment. You can use this by spraying it all over the house to kill the termites.

After the treatments, you can also consider prevention to stop the termites from coming back to your structure. You use borate treatments by applying it directly to the woods. It is sort of a coat of paint for the prevention of termites. This is more ideal if your house is just under construction and you can treat the wood with this treatment.

Other termite treatment to consider are electrocutions, heating, cooling and microwaves.

As you can see, there is not just one answer on how to kill termites.  It will depend on which will be best for you structure and environment. It will also depend on how you want to do it. It does not really matter what kills termites as long as they are removed from your home.  There are also the factors of costs and time to consider. If you think that it is too much for you to handle then it is best that you let the professionals handle it.

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